Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A long night

Sydney couldn’t wait to get to school this morning and show off her new brother. Mrs. Tawnya had Sydney teach the class the Korean word for big sister. I cannot type out the character but it is pronounced “Noon na”.

Unlike everyone else in the family Sydney was well rested for school today. Andrew kept us up from 2:00 – 5:00 am. We tried the bottle and changing his pants but that didn’t work. It wasn’t that type of cry either; it was an “I’m scared” cry. Andrew does not like to be left alone or put down. I think he fears we will leave him, since everyone else he knows has, first his birth mom, then his foster mom, then his escorts. I tried rocking and back rubs just so he knew I was still there, but after a few minutes the panic cry started up again. I put him in bed with us but it didn’t make much difference. So, it was a long night. But as morning broke the happy, smiling baby returned. I’m sure it’s nothing that time and trust won’t fix.

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Cherish Derrig said...

Heather & Matt - I am sure you are feeling truly blessed to have your new son, Andrew home and in your arms! I hope each day brings your family new joy and happiness! Congrats on your beautiful family it was a long journey but I am sure it was well worth it!

Cherish & Andy Derrig