Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Florida Fun

The remainder of our vacation was spent at St. Pete Beach with our neighbors the Napholz's. We stayed at family friendly beachresort the Tradewinds Island Grand.

Most of our time was spent on the beach. The resort had a great inflatable water park a short swim from the beach with slides, trampolines and jungle gyms.

Disney Pit Stop

A visit to Florida wouldn't be complete without a pit stop at Disney. With only one day to spare we decided to hit Disney's Hollywood Studios. Matt graciously handed over his credit card for the admission that rang up just cents shy of a car payment. But, as always we had a blast!

Oh how we've grown! This was our first visit without a stroller! Gone are the days of princesses & Playhouse Disney. Hello, Star Tours & Tower of Terror. There wasn't a ride the kids wernt ready to tackle even if they wernt quite tall enough.....

Andrew was really bummed he wasn't tall enough for the Rock'n Roller Coaster. His pouting did not go unnoticed by a Cast Member who presented him with an express pass which will take him to the front of the line whenever he is tall enough. But no worries, theres nothing a little Angry Birds cant fix.

Despite is being high season we managed to hit just about every attraction we wanted & even had time for a terrific lunch at the SciFi Dine In!