Wednesday, February 18, 2009

32 Years

Today is my 32nd birthday. Yikes! I was going to write about all the fun things I did today but working out at the Y and picking up books at the library just didnt sound interesting. So I decided to post my "bucket list". I've had one stored in my computer for about ten years now but today I decided to update it and post for all to see. Hopefully, that will push me to complete all the unfinished ones.

1. Skydive a
2. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
3. Visit a nude beach a
4. Take a helicopter ride a
5. See Mt Everest
6. Ride the subway a
7. Attend the Iditarod
8. Swim with dolphins a
9. Take an African Safari a
10. Attend the Olympic Games
11. Take a swamp tour or wrangle an gator
12. Swim with sharks a
13. Ride a bull
14. Go whale watching a
15. Run with the bulls in Pamplona
16. View polar bears in the wild
17. Go dog sledding a
18. See a shooting star a
19. Ride in a submarine or aircraft carrier
20. Volunteer for a needy cause a
21. Attend the Rose Bowl Parade
22. Ride in a tank a
23. Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
24. Visit the Eiffel Tower
25. Learn to ballroom dance
26. Shop an Asian Market a
27. Visit NYC at Christmas Time a
28. Go to a drive in movie a
29. Shake the hand of a US President
30. Walk the Great Wall of China
31. Be part of a TV show or commercial a
32. Sit on a jury
33. Visit Pearl Harbor
34. Kiss the Blarney Stone a
35. Camp outdoors a
36. See the Acropolis
37. Stand on the equator a
38. See the Great Pyramids
39. Visit Washington DC a
40. Adopt a child a
41. Give back to our Armed Forces a
42. Visit Machu Picchu
43. Play the slots in Vegas a
44. Write & publish a book
45. Tour a concentration camp a
46. Make snow angels in Antarctica
47. Donate blood
48. Visit the Holocaust Museum
49. Visit a rainforest a
50. Witness a birth (animal or human) a
51. Ride in the blimp a
52. Visit the Galapagos
53. See the Northern Lights
54. Go to the Kentucky Derby
55. Ride a train a
56. Drive a Hummer
57. Take a gondola ride in Venice
58. Speak in front over 100 people a
59. Visit Alaska a
60. Learn to decorate cakes
61. Ski the Rocky Mountains a
62. Ride on a Harley Davidson
63. Watch a sumo wrestling match
64. See a NASCAR Race a
65. Work for Disney
66. See a Broadway Show a
67. Ride one of the worlds largest or fastest roller coasters a
68. Go bungee jumping
69. Visit a prison
70. Cross the international date line a
71. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge
72. Shoot a gun a
73. Go white water rafting a
74. Take a hot air balloon ride a
75. See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade a
76. Visit a Buddhist temple a
77. Find a four leaf clover a
78. Ride in a combat fighter plane
79. Meet a king or queen
80. Eat something exotic a
81. Visit Red Square
82. Plant a garden
83. Fly a plane
84. Visit the Smithsonian a
85. Get a professional massage a
86. Visit Pompeii
87. Learn another language
88. Visit NASA a
89. See a drag show
90. Own my own business a
91. Ride the Autobahn a
92. Learn a martial art
93. Fly first class a
94. Experience weightlessness
95. Visit Normandy Beach
96. Be part of Oprah’s audience
97. Live outside Ohio
98. Set foot on all seven continents
99. Meet my grandchildren
100. Meet Andrew’s Birthmother
101. Save A Life

a Denotes completed items

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dental Drama

A few months ago I took Sydney to our family dentist to get her first filling. Everything went smoothly even the Novocain. But, when the doctor returned to finish the procedure refused to cooperate. So we paid for our dose of Novocain and left with a referral to pediatric dentist who could sedate her for the procedure.

We arrived at Dr Su's office this morning about 8:00 AM. The nurse took her BP which was really high, likely due to her anxiety about the dentist. They had her drink some medicine to make her really woozy. Even with the sedative the dentist said she continued to put up a fight but he managed to fill 7 cavities and place a crown on one of her molars. AHHHH!! Lots of money for teeth that fall out. You would think we never brush her teeth.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

My camera is only working occasionally now but I was able to snap this picture of the kids and their valentines day gifts from Matt. Sydney and I got flowers and Andrew got some of his favorite snacks from the Korean market; shrimp sticks & chocolate dippers.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Kalahari Weekend

Sydney had a competition scheduled at the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark so we decided to make it into a mini vacation. Angie & David and my parents joined us and we got one of the two room suites.