Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we decided to once again give back to our community.  Andrew and Matt prepared and delivered meals to needy families in Canton area.  Matt was so proud of how well Andrew did.  He was very humble and kind to all the recipients. 

Sydney and Heather also served meals in a sense :)   They volunteered at Camp YNoah Equestrian Center.  They served meals and tended to over 30 horses, a few donkeys, goats, and a pig.

We followed up a great morning with a delicious meal at Fieldcrest Inn.

On Friday, I took Sydney out for her first Black Friday experience.  We left on Thanksgiving night about 10:30 PM with David & Angie.  I didnt buy a whole lot but we found a few bargains at Walmart & Target.  About 1:30 AM we were standing in a very very long check out line and I Sydney looked like a zombie.  I asked her if it was everything she imagined it would be, she said no. :)  About 2 am we were headed back home and Sydney was fast asleep in the pile of pillows we purchased.