Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Questions

So I am driving along when Andrew blurts out: Mommy, is my birth mom dead? I was totally caught off guard. I was prepared for, where do babies come from or why do girls and big boobs and boys have little boobs? I have already tackled those with Sydney. I was not ready for my three and a half year old to ask me serious birth mom questions. Thinking quickly I replied with "I sure hope not, I would like to meet her someday". He must have been content with my answer because he didn't question further and went about playing. He has always been aware of his story but I didn't realize he was old enough to process the details.

To top it off the past week he has insisted he has a little brother and he is growing up in Korea. He is even coloring pictures for him. Tonight at dinner he said he was sad because he misses his brother.

Yikes. Can you imagine what he will ask at age five?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009