Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sydney's First Jump

After much heartache we decided to switch Sydney to a different riding barn.  She is now at Firestone Equestrian which is based out of Camp YNoah where she went to summer camp.  She is riding with a small group of six girls in the English Trot, Canter, Jump.   I was very proud to see her engaging this new group of girls and speaking up for herself.  She had no trouble expressing to her teacher her strengths and weaknesses.  To my surprise she even took on her very first jump.  Granted it was only about a half foot off the ground but she and her horse successfully cleared it with decent form.  She still has sooo much to learn but the glowing smile on her face the whole way home was priceless. 

Friday, September 07, 2012

Disney Vacation

Our Disney homing beacon must have gone off a few months ago calling us back to the mother ship.  :)   Over the Labor Day Holiday we found ourselves back at Disney World for the opening of its newest resort, Art of Animation.  We could not pass up the opportunity to experience the new family suites.   We opted for the Cars building and no detail was left unturned.  It was like walking into film. 

On day one we hit Hollywood Studios.  We raced back towards Star Tours in hopes securing Andrew a spot in the Jedi Training School.  A couple times each day they will offer fifteen younglings the opportunity to train with a Jedi Master and take on Darth Vader.  I didn't give Andrew all the details so he was quite surprised when the storm troopers rushed in.  All in all he did alright taking on the dark side and earned himself a diploma and the title of padawan.  Afterwards he headed straight for the gift shop and built himself a lightsaber. 

Sydney who is quite adventures eater was not so adventurous when it came to the rides.  Although we made her try everything once she was definitely not going to ride twice. 

I had to snap this picture of Andrew, our Pokey Little Puppy.  He is always walking along 10+ feet behind everyone.  Its no wonder we didnt lose him.  And the sun is always in his eyes.   (Inside joke)

All the walking in the sun and high temperatures had us beat by 9:00 PM most nights but we did manage to stay up one night and enjoy the Extra Magic Hours.  Sydney and I took a spin on the teacups at midnight.  I will say my body just can take the spinning like it used to.  :)

As always we had a magical Disney vacation and look forward to next time.