Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School In Session

School is back in session!!!!   Mommy is looking forward to a break from all the sibling rivalry.  :)

This school year came with many new changes.  Grades 3-5 were moved out of the Northwood building and over to Greentown, a much older building.  However, for the first time ever, Sydney was excited about school starting.  This was mainly because she was thrilled with her homeroom teacher assignment, Mrs Yocum. 

Andrew remains at the Northwood School building which now houses kindergarten through 2nd grade.  He was assigned a former Greentown teacher, Mrs Tornero.  We don't know much about her yet but the first day seemed to go alright. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Camp

There is nothing online or in the handbook that tells you how to deal with withdrawal from camp. There is plenty of advice on what to do if your child is homesick, but nothing about the child who wants to spend the entire summer at camp. She cried all the way home.

Sydney & her friend MacKenzie spent 6 days at Camp YNoah Ranch Camp.  I knew she would love spending so much time with horses but I was nervous she wouldnt get through the drop off to enjoy it.  Sydney has suffered quite some time with separation anxiety and tends to be more introverted. However, the girl I picked up at camp was not. Camp YNoah really forced her to become more independent and find her voice. I was very pleased by all the compliments I received from the teenagers in her riding group

We don’t often see Sydney so excited about anything. I had a feeling things were going well when we didnt receive any letters home begging us to pick her up.   I arrived at the equestrian center on the final day ready to watch their horse show.   Sydney and her bunkmates were bouncing down the trail.  She was glowing and shared the details of her week in about 5 seconds flat.  :) 

They put on a great show and I was very pleased with how much her riding skills improved in just one week.  She was trotting, posting and cantering like a pro.  :) 

She continues to talk about all the fun activities, good food, Snowy, and her favorite counselor, Justin.