Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Still no news

Still no news on Andrew's arrival. I suspect it won't be long now. His room is all ready but I have held off buying clothes & diapers until I see what size he is.

Last week I was feeling so guilty thinking, "what have I done", Sydney will have to share her space and our attention, etc, etc. That feeling ended quickly after her friends Ben & Nicole came over to play. Sydney spent the entire morning shouting, "mine mine". Maybe she does need a little dose of reality.

We are taking Sydney to Kalahari Waterpark later this week. It's sort of our last mini vacation with just the three of us. Plus I need a distraction from all this waiting.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fun Day

STILL WAITING.......... this wait is beginning to test my patience. Andrew is growing up and hitting milestones without us. I wish Korea would just hurry up and get that passport issued so we can bring Andrew home.

Thankfully, today I had a distraction. I attended my friend Angel's baby shower. She is also adopting a little boy from Korea. His name is Alex and he was born April 3rd just four days before Andrew. They lived in the same orphanedge and there is a good chance they will fly home together too. Isn't that crazy!! These 2 little boys lived together in Korea; then fly around the world and end up only a 5 minute drive from each other. Small world!

To top it off! While I was enjoying the baby shower in walked my neighbor. I was thinking "what is she doing here"? Once she sat down I find out she is also adopting. They will be bringing a beautiful baby girl home from Guatemala.

What a day!


"Wishing Andrew, Alex & Brooke a quick journey home"

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Getting Ready

Today Mom, Angie and I worked on Andrew's room. After many pin pricks and actually running the sewing machine threw my finger we successfully created curtains & a bedskirt. We are using a vintage baseball theme in the room. I hope for Matt's sake Andrew likes sports! :)

I also got an exciting email today. It was from a Tina Fulkerson in Indianapolis. Apparently our son's have the same foster mother, Mrs. Lee Hae Kyung. Her son James is 15 months old and should be coming home soon. Maybe they will be on the same plane? I would love to have a picture of the boys together, since they will have a unique connection as foster brothers.


Saturday, January 14, 2006


This week we received a letter in the mail from our adoption agency. It said: after suffering from a fever for several days, our little Andrew was admitted to the hospital. He was treated for an ear infection and possible pneumonia. They treated him with antibiotics & nebulization and when his symptoms normalized he was discharged.


Monday, January 02, 2006

Holiday Season

Happy New Year Everyone!! We just returned from Mt. Dora, Florida where we spent the holidays with family. Sydney was overwhelmed with all the new toys, clothes, and dolls. She also got a new bike. Grandpa Bud took her for a lesson and by the end of the week she was fearless.

Andrew got a few gifts too! But, still no word on his arrival date. We hope the new year will jump start the passports. As you may know, Korea issues a set number of passports each year. In 2005 they hit that number very quickly so there is a now a back up of babies waiting to travel home. Once Korea begins issuing 2006 passports the flood gates should open and the babies should start coming home quickly.