Sunday, January 15, 2006

Getting Ready

Today Mom, Angie and I worked on Andrew's room. After many pin pricks and actually running the sewing machine threw my finger we successfully created curtains & a bedskirt. We are using a vintage baseball theme in the room. I hope for Matt's sake Andrew likes sports! :)

I also got an exciting email today. It was from a Tina Fulkerson in Indianapolis. Apparently our son's have the same foster mother, Mrs. Lee Hae Kyung. Her son James is 15 months old and should be coming home soon. Maybe they will be on the same plane? I would love to have a picture of the boys together, since they will have a unique connection as foster brothers.


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Kelly and Eric said...

Hey Lavelle's! We think Andrew is one cute lil baby. This web site is very nice too and informative. So sorry he was in the hospital. But sounds like he is back on track. Keep us up to date.