Friday, August 31, 2007

First day of kindergarten

Sydney had a big day today too; the first day of kindergarten! She jumped right out of bed this morning and got ready with out me bugging her one bit. Grandma Pam flew in from Tampa for the big event. We all headed out to the bus stop and it arrived promptly at 8:36 AM. She hesitated a bit when the doors opened so Lynn next door took her hand and led the way. She sat next to Trent and both were beaming as the bus drove out of sight.

About 12:30 PM the bus returned. Sydney bounced off and told us all about her big day. Andrew couldn't wait to hug her. I think he was lonely and bored without her.

She said they colored raccoons, listened to a story, played with the kitchen, and went to the bathroom. Then at circle time they passed an apple and you had to say your name. She saw Ben on the playground at recess too.

I asked the standard first day of school question, "Did you make any new friends?" She said "Yes, Sydney M, they sit by each other". Hooray!

The best part was, she asked if she could go back again tomorrow. Ahhh! What a relief.

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy 60th Birthday Mom!!! I know she will just love to see her age posted here for all to read but I very proud of her. Age is just a number and you should live life to the fullest. Today, her & my dad took a helicoper ride. It was one of those things on her "Things to do before I die" list. They departed from Cape Canaveral area, headed down the space coast and out over the Atlantic ocean where they saw manatees & a school of dolphin. Afterwards they stopped in the American Police Hall of Fame and shot a few rounds at the firing range. Something she has never done and out of the box.

My mom once said; its not the dates written on your tombstone thats important, its the dash, and what you did with it.

What a day! Happy Birthday Mom!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lots and lots of animals

We had an animal filled weekend. Beginning Friday with a trip to the Portage County Fair. Its sort of a tradition in my family. My Grandpa Lisic loved taking my mom as a child and then took my sister and I as kids (on free senior day of course) :) My mom now keeps the tradition going.

Sunday was so beautiful we decided to head up to the Cleveland Zoo. With the tempature in the mid 70's all the animals were very active. Sydney was all about elephants while Andrew kept saying "I Wuv Hapos" (hippos).

We ended our last weekend before school starts with a trip to the park. Being new residents of North Canton we are checking out all the city parks & playgrounds, this one was a hit because of all the ducks. Hungry Ducks! Andrew enjoyed roaring at them until they would run off and then appologizing by saying "keykel keykel" which means "tickle tickel".

Friday, August 24, 2007

Kindergarten Open House

We attended the Mary Evans Kindergarten Center open house last night. Sydney's teacher, Mrs. Kell was a lovely young woman and about 7 months pregnant. But, Syd didn't even notice, she was too busy checking out the classroom. After exploring the room Mrs. Kell sent us on a scavenger hunt which would take us to all the other important locations; the gym, office, bathroom, and kiss & hug line. This is a bright red line painted on the floor just inside the school lobby area where parents must stay behind.
After we finished the inside of the building we boarded the school bus for a trip around the block and a lesson in bus safety. According to Sydney they saved the best for last, the playground!
All in all Sydney seems ready, no anxiety that I can sense. Her only comment about the entire evening was "My teachers not ugly".

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Gearing up for school

The classroom lists were posted on the doors of the kindergarten today. Boy, driving up there to see who Syd's teacher was brought back a lot of memories. I remember doing that as a kid what a thrill it was.

Sydney is in the "Brown Room" with Mrs. Kell. Sydney's only comment was "Does she like High School Musical?" I'm sure she will be just fine!

With ballet & swimming wrapping up Sydney decided to try out cheerleading. We registered her at NEO an all star team here in Canton for kids 5-18. She is on the Cubs Team, where they learn the basics; cartwheels, jumps, dance and motions. By early 2008 they should be ready for a few local & state competitions.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dress Up

Sydney decided to dress up her brother.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Orphanage Fundraiser

This year I am once again helping out with the Friends of Adoptive Families fundraiser. We are a non-profit organization made up of adoptive parents who raise funds for the orphanages that took care of our children. This includes Andrew's in South Korea, and 3 others in China, Guatemala & Philippines.

Last year, we raised over $23,000! This year we have a variety of projects that desperately need of support. Priorities include increased funding to help medically fragile children receive much-needed surgeries and specialized medical care. Friends of Adoptive Families Fund is also used to place grants on waiting “special needs” children to help subsidize their adoption expenses in hopes that it will reduce their wait time for a forever family. We also want to continue funding in-country service projects, as well as purchasing basic need items such as: diapers, formula, educational materials and playground equipment.

I encourage you all to come out to our event. Its October 20th at the Cleveland Metroplex. We will have video horse racing & casino gaming tables. Come try your hand at Blackjack or Texas HoldEm or maybe learn something new like craps or roulette. Don’t know how to play? Don’t worry; the casino staff will be happy to teach you!

A buffet dinner catered by Alesci’s Italian Restaurant with beer, wine and soft drinks and $1000 in casino money are also included in your ticket.

After dinner stop by the fantastic in-house raffle. Raffle prizes include everything from cultural items to restaurant gift certificates to a condo vacation which as graciously donated by my friends Jen & Tom Stancil. Thanks guys!!

Tickets are $25 each. Send your check payable to Friends of Adoptive Families, 8478 Deacon Ave. North Canton Ohio 44720.

If you cannot attend, maybe you could send a donation or purchase a horse or program ad. Every little bit helps.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Little League

Well, another season of little league came to a close. This year Sydney played on the North Canton YMCA 5 & 6 year old league, which offers the option of hitting off the tee or coach pitch. In the field she once again played short stop & tried her hand at catching too.