Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lots and lots of animals

We had an animal filled weekend. Beginning Friday with a trip to the Portage County Fair. Its sort of a tradition in my family. My Grandpa Lisic loved taking my mom as a child and then took my sister and I as kids (on free senior day of course) :) My mom now keeps the tradition going.

Sunday was so beautiful we decided to head up to the Cleveland Zoo. With the tempature in the mid 70's all the animals were very active. Sydney was all about elephants while Andrew kept saying "I Wuv Hapos" (hippos).

We ended our last weekend before school starts with a trip to the park. Being new residents of North Canton we are checking out all the city parks & playgrounds, this one was a hit because of all the ducks. Hungry Ducks! Andrew enjoyed roaring at them until they would run off and then appologizing by saying "keykel keykel" which means "tickle tickel".

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