Friday, August 31, 2007

First day of kindergarten

Sydney had a big day today too; the first day of kindergarten! She jumped right out of bed this morning and got ready with out me bugging her one bit. Grandma Pam flew in from Tampa for the big event. We all headed out to the bus stop and it arrived promptly at 8:36 AM. She hesitated a bit when the doors opened so Lynn next door took her hand and led the way. She sat next to Trent and both were beaming as the bus drove out of sight.

About 12:30 PM the bus returned. Sydney bounced off and told us all about her big day. Andrew couldn't wait to hug her. I think he was lonely and bored without her.

She said they colored raccoons, listened to a story, played with the kitchen, and went to the bathroom. Then at circle time they passed an apple and you had to say your name. She saw Ben on the playground at recess too.

I asked the standard first day of school question, "Did you make any new friends?" She said "Yes, Sydney M, they sit by each other". Hooray!

The best part was, she asked if she could go back again tomorrow. Ahhh! What a relief.

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