Friday, August 24, 2007

Kindergarten Open House

We attended the Mary Evans Kindergarten Center open house last night. Sydney's teacher, Mrs. Kell was a lovely young woman and about 7 months pregnant. But, Syd didn't even notice, she was too busy checking out the classroom. After exploring the room Mrs. Kell sent us on a scavenger hunt which would take us to all the other important locations; the gym, office, bathroom, and kiss & hug line. This is a bright red line painted on the floor just inside the school lobby area where parents must stay behind.
After we finished the inside of the building we boarded the school bus for a trip around the block and a lesson in bus safety. According to Sydney they saved the best for last, the playground!
All in all Sydney seems ready, no anxiety that I can sense. Her only comment about the entire evening was "My teachers not ugly".

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