Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fun Day

STILL WAITING.......... this wait is beginning to test my patience. Andrew is growing up and hitting milestones without us. I wish Korea would just hurry up and get that passport issued so we can bring Andrew home.

Thankfully, today I had a distraction. I attended my friend Angel's baby shower. She is also adopting a little boy from Korea. His name is Alex and he was born April 3rd just four days before Andrew. They lived in the same orphanedge and there is a good chance they will fly home together too. Isn't that crazy!! These 2 little boys lived together in Korea; then fly around the world and end up only a 5 minute drive from each other. Small world!

To top it off! While I was enjoying the baby shower in walked my neighbor. I was thinking "what is she doing here"? Once she sat down I find out she is also adopting. They will be bringing a beautiful baby girl home from Guatemala.

What a day!


"Wishing Andrew, Alex & Brooke a quick journey home"

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