Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dental Drama

A few months ago I took Sydney to our family dentist to get her first filling. Everything went smoothly even the Novocain. But, when the doctor returned to finish the procedure refused to cooperate. So we paid for our dose of Novocain and left with a referral to pediatric dentist who could sedate her for the procedure.

We arrived at Dr Su's office this morning about 8:00 AM. The nurse took her BP which was really high, likely due to her anxiety about the dentist. They had her drink some medicine to make her really woozy. Even with the sedative the dentist said she continued to put up a fight but he managed to fill 7 cavities and place a crown on one of her molars. AHHHH!! Lots of money for teeth that fall out. You would think we never brush her teeth.

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