Monday, April 24, 2006

Another great day

Thanks to everyone who has emailed and called. Well, so far everything is going great!

This morning he ate Cheerios, bananas and most of a jar of squash. I was told he would not eat jarred baby food but he doesn't seem to have a problem with it. But the Cheerios are his favorite. When he runs out he starts banging on the highchair tray. Then I grab the box and he squeals with excitement :)

After breakfast we got dressed and played. I think he had a walker in Korea because the moment I set him in it he took off across the kitchen. Thank goodness he like it because that is the only time you can put him down. He loves being held and cries when you put him down or walk out of sight. Right now I am not complaining but hopefully it gets better over time.

He is okay with the dogs when he is in the high chair but not on the floor. I guess he likes being above them. I'm sure he will get used to them over time.

We opened the gift the foster mom sent home. Inside was his Hanbok which he wore to his first birthday party, a disposable camera, one of the toys we sent to him and a letter.

We had the camera developed and sure enough he was in a walker. That explains his liking to it. There were also pictures of his 1st birthday party (Korean Tol Ceremony).

Our neighbors dropped by for a quick visit. Dr. & Mrs. Chae and Susan are Korean so they were eager to meet him. As soon as Andrew made eye contact with them he smiled and happily went to each of them. He defiantly recognized his fellow countrymen. J Dr. Chae took the foster mom letter home and he will translate it for us.

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