Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Although it is only April 6th here in the US, in Seoul, Korea it is April 7th, and Andrew’s first birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!!!

In Korea a child’s first birthday is cause for great celebration. In the past, the death rate for children was extremely high due to lack of medical information and childhood diseases. In turn, many children died before their first birthday.

To celebrate this milestone a Tol Ceremony is held for the child. This involves wearing a traditional outfit called HanBok and a variety of objects are placed in front of the child. Whatever object they pick up first predicts their future. For example a pencil means he will become a scholar, thread equals long life, money equals wealth, etc.

We had hoped to keep with tradition and have a Tol Ceremony for Andrew here. But, since he is still in Korea, we can only hope that his foster family celebrates for us. The odds are in our favor, when Jamie (Andrew’s foster brother) came home Mrs. Lee sent along his HanBok and pictures of his Tol. I hope she does the same for Andrew.

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Leah said...

I'm sure Matthew hopes he picks a bat or a glove. It does sound like a wonderful tradition.