Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Today's The Day" ~Mel Fisher

What a day to start a new chapter in our lives. We awoke to a beautiful spring morning, the birds were singing and Sydney (not a morning person) happily jumped out of bed and said, “are we going to Atroit?” We departed Canton, Ohio around 8:00 am and arrived at Detroit International Airport shortly before noon.

We made our way down the stairs to the international arrivals area; I felt the butterflies in my stomach as the ”frosted doors” came into view. The time flew by and before we knew it was 2:06 pm and the flight arrivals board changed to LANDED. Ahhhh! Andrew was finally in the same country, in the same building, who knew that simple word could bring such relief and at the same time such anxiety.

We were glued to the railing, raising our cameras, and gasping every time the big door opened. Then finally at 3:05 pm it happened! The door slid open and two escorts appeared pushing and carrying three little ones: Lilly, Andrew & Andrew! I had been so worried that I would not recognize him but I was so wrong. As soon as they appeared before us my eyes locked onto the smiling baby in the backpack. I shouted and pointed, “That’s Andrew”. He laughed and smiled and reached right out for me. Wow! What an incredible moment.

For the next hour Andrew happily reached out for every Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Sister who was looking to hold him. Our escorts Kim & Mary were awesome, despite traveling for over 24 hours they delivered three clean, happy and well rested babies. They described Andrew as “Party Boy” apparently he was ready to socialize with and entertain anyone on board. Kim also said he was a fussy sleeper and steals toys from the other babies. That might sound negative but I just laughed thinking how much that sounds like Sydney. He will fit right in.

Although he did not enjoy the car seat he eventually fell asleep on the ride home. About half way he woke up and started to fuss and cry but a toy truck and Gerber Biscuit quickly quieted him.

As we pulled in the driveway Sydney instantly transformed into a tour guide. She couldn’t wait to show him his room, toys and most of all the dogs! We put the dogs on the deck and he crawled right over to the door and stared at them. After a few kisses on the hand they were all friends.

During bath time we discovered a few Mongolian Spots (a bruise like birthmark, common in Asian children, most will fade within a few years).

Finally we had Cheerios and an entire jar of Bananas before crashing for the night.

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