Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I turned the big 30! It was much harder for my mom than me. I guess I don't think of it as old.??

Matt made the kids & I pancakes for breakfast. I got a nice watch & a new Mickey Mouse diamond necklace. Then we went shopping at Dillards. Matt was one of a handful of lucky Chase Bank employees to earn an all expense paid trip to the Boca Raton Resort and they are paying for the wives to come along too. They are having an awards dinner one evening so Matt took me shopping for a new cocktail dress. I think I tried on 2 dozen or so but found 2 that worked. So we bought them both! :) Then we had lunch at the food court. Not my first pick for a birthday meal but the kids love the Chinese food place in there and ate a ton of fried rice & Lo Mein noodles.

Later, Sydney & Matt went to play basketball while Andrew & I cleaned the house for playgroup tomorrow. He did a great job following me around the house with his lawnmower while I vacuumed.

The day ended on a sweet note when Sydney surprised me with a DQ ice cream cake. There was no doubt she picked it out, it was pink and decorated with Disney Princesses.

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