Thursday, February 01, 2007

Quick trip to Florida

Since Matt was heading to Vegas on business, I packed up the kids and headed to Florida for a few days. We only got as far as the Orlando Airport when Angie called telling us of Grandma Lisic's death. Grandma was 90 years old and recently fell and broke her hip & arm for the 2nd time. The doctors didn't feel she was strong enough for surgery so they put her on bedrest and ordered comfort care. She had her good days and bad but, only ate a few bites of food at each meal so we knew it was only a matter of time.
Since our family is spread across the US, Mom & her brothers decided to set up a service in early February so everyone could attend.
With Sydney being so close with great grandma I knew she would not take the news very well. Since Matt was not with us I decided to wait until we returned home to tell her. But, I am glad we were able to spend time with my mom during this difficult time.
During our stay we ventured over to Sea World Orlando where we met Grandma Pam. I miss having Sea World up here in Ohio. My mom always took us and I hoped do the same with Sydney. Oh Well!!! We all had a great time.

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