Friday, February 02, 2007

Explaining Death

The subject of death was not a topic I was looking forward to discussing with my 4 year old. We sat her down and Matt explained how sometimes when people get very old and sick like great grandma was they go to live in heaven where they will not hurt anymore. She just sat there with a confused look on her face. I didn't want to use the "D" word but with that look of confusion it might be the only way she would clearly understand what we were saying. I said "Honey, Great Grandma died". She burst into tears. It was a terrible sight but there was also some sense of relief that she understood what we were trying to say. That was until she said "I don't want to get old" , "I don't want to live in heaven". Poor thing! She hasn't really developed a sense of time. She doesn't understand turning 5 years old is much different than turning 90. After trying to explain we decided to let things settle for a few days.

Today Sydney asked to go visit Mary (great grandma's roommate in the nursing home). I surprised but pleased, she understood that great grandma no longer lived there. I told her that she and Grandma Franny are going to bake cookies and take them to Mary very soon. She replied "Maybe we can mail some to Great Grandma". :) Trying to think quickly I said "I don't think we can". "Why" she asked. "Well, I don't think they have a post office in heaven". She was content with that answer, what a sweetheart!

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