Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Andrew

It was three years ago today that we met Andrew for the very first time. He came off the plane cheerful and effectionate and both hold true to this day. I cannot imagine our family without him.

Every year between his birthday and gotcha day I write a letter to his birthmother. I share with her how bright and sweet he is. His love for swimming, the Cars movie, school, and riding bikes with his friends. I know the odds are slim that she will ever seek out more information but the letters will be waiting for her if she does.

We try to incorporate Korean culture in our gotcha days. Unfortunatly, Canton Ohio doesnt have much to offer but we did stop by the Korean Market and Andrew picked out a few treats.

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Fran said...

Andrew couldn't have found a better mother than you. I love you Heather and I dearly love our little Andrew.