Monday, April 06, 2009


We traveled to Cincinnati for a 2 day cheerleading competition, the last one for the season. Grandma Franny drove down with us and Grandma Pam flew in on day 2. The Cheetah team pulled out a good performance with a few minor mistakes putting them into 4th place at the end of day one. If we could put together a clean routine on Sunday we could move up to 2nd. That night both kids had a blast playing with all their friends in the pool, tepeeing the coaches doors and having a pajama party in the hallway.

I want to give a shout out to my CPR/First Aid Instructor! Who would have guessed I would use my skills just one week later. On Saturday night we were having dinner when a woman near us slumped over into her dinner. Armed with my new skills I confidently jumped up and asked her husband if she was choking. He said no she just stopped talking and fell over. By now she was starting to come around so we lowered her to ground and elevated her feet. She had never experienced this before and did not have any heart or diabetic issues so I am not sure what caused it and didn't stick around once EMS arrived.

We awoke the next morning ready for another full day of competition. That was until I headed across the hall and knocked on the Grandmas door. Sydney had decided to spent the night over there and kept the grandma duo up all night vomiting. Thanks again, Mom & Pam for all the hard work. The two of them nursed her all night while we unknowingly slept. Unsure what we should do, Matt got her up and showered, hoping that will perk her up a bit while I went in search of the coach. Gym owner, Dawn suggested we bring her over to the venue as late as possible and maybe with a few crackers and some rest we might get a two minute routine out of her. Its a tough call because you know she is exhausted and not well but her whole team is depending on her. When you are part of a competition team and each member is crucial. Thankfully Sydney was a tough cookie and did preform. It was not pretty but we were very proud of her. The Cheetahs took third out of five tough teams.

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