Friday, August 22, 2008

Surgery Day

Pre Surgery

We arrived at Akron Children's Hospital at 8:30 AM this morning. Dr. Milo was running ahead of schedule so we buzzed right through the check in process. A child life specialist then came by to talk with us. She showed Andrew the hair nets, masks and oxygen masks he would see in surgery. She asked him to come along with her to pick out a smell for his anesthesia mask. He happily took her hand and headed down the hall. They returned with some strawberry scented chap stick. This simple task reinforced to Andrew that the staff would bring him back to us. She rubbed the chapstick on the inside of his anesthesia mask giving a sweet smell, then attached a balloon to one valve asked him to take a deep breath in then out to inflate the balloon, which he did. She told us they will ask him to repeat this task back in the OR and add a little anesthetic gas to the mix. Genius!

Andrew in recovery

About 30 minutes later we were called back to recovery. Andrew did great! He was crabby and very floppy when we arrived but we immediately got to hold him. Just like his sleep test he was obsessed with the red pulse ox light and begged to have it off. Once it was removed he moved the focus to his IV. But, he would have to tolerate it for another four hours till we were discharged. Overall he did very well and had three Popsicles and some juice before we left.

So far day one went better than expected. He slept for a couple hours, had noodles and applesauce for dinner and a Popsicle and jello for dessert. Hopefully, he will sleep comfortably through the night.

A big thank you to everyone at Children's for making everything stress free. And to everyone who has called with well wishes. And Grandma Franny & the Napholz's for the gifts.

Right before discharge

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