Monday, August 11, 2008

Noah's Lost Ark

As most of you may know I am a sucker for animals, especially those of the African plain. Thanks to my friend Angel, we learned about an animal sanctuary not far from our home; Noah's Lost Ark. This non breeding facility is dedicated to providing a permanent safe haven for unwanted and abused exotic animals. I was suspicious at first that a back yard facility could provide a safe, caring environment for these magnificent animals but was very pleased to see their animals looked well cared for, healthy & happy. My mom & I talked sweetly to a resting bison named Elroy, who then took an interest in us. He made his way over to a feed bucket and began head butting it. Following his direction we tossed in a handful of feed and sure enough he gobbled it up and head butted the bucket again. What a charmer! He suckered us right in and over and over we tossed in the feed until the next victim came along.

Noah's Lost Ark has a large population of big cats, leopards, tigers and lots of lions each with their own sad story. A big male lion named Hawk make our entire trip. Unprompted, Hawk emerged from his shade cover and for 2 minutes serenaded us all with his roar. What a remarkable experience, I have heard lions roar in Africa but only from some distance, never within 10 feet. Wow, no wonder a male lion's roar can be heard up to 5 miles away. It was a sound that penetrated your rib cage and make everyone in the area stop and take notice.

Anyone looking for an educational animal experience I would highly recommend, Noah's Lost Ark.

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