Monday, January 07, 2008

Lavelle's Go Green

We have been recycling a good portion of our trash for years but this year my resolution was to be more green. This weekend I got Matt & Sydney to sit down and watch an episode of Oprah which was disturbing yet inspiring. The next morning we started. We have unplugged our kitchen appliances & cell phone charges when they are not in use. Changed out 20 of our most used light bulbs to the green energy saver ones. Amazing thing is, they are said to last 10 years. Just think, Sydney will be driving next time I have to climb up there to change the bulb. I'm anxious to see if we see a difference on our electric bill. I will be sure and let you all know.

My favorite is the 3 reusable grocery bags mother in law gave me. They are awesome. I grocery shop once a week and generally have at least 12 plastic bags to haul into the house. Now I fit a weeks worth in 3 bags.

How often do you run your dishwasher? We run ours about every other day if not everyday. Mainly because the top rack fills with cups before the bottom is full. So we simply implemented the one cup a day rule. Each of us picks a cup at breakfast and use it throughout the day. How come I didn't think of it before??? The kids get a kick out of choosing the cup of the day.

So, next time you throw something away. Think about this. Where is away????

Our family challenges you all to try go green. Even if its just one lightbulb. You can even comment on our blog and let us know what you did.


Mills Family said...

Way to go! We have changed lightbulbs and seen an improvement in electric bill. We also try and unplug things not in use, as well as recycle. I have not done the grocery bag thing (I'm too darn forgetful) but you have challenged me to try.

Wasn't that episode of Oprah Great!

Carol M from OKK

drew said...

no paper plates. no paper cups. no plastic flatware. no unnecessary trips anywhere. no more "going shopping"; you have to have a goal for your trip. no more long showers. when shaving, turn the water off in between rinses. in that vein, no more electric razors.
if everyone did all of these amazingly little things, the kids of today would be in much better shape tomorrow.