Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year

Boy the holidays just flew by. It seems like forever since I posted anything. We had a great Christmas, the kids were spoiled as usual. A few of Sydney's favorite gifts were her webkinz, horse riding video game, High School Musical DVD's, American Girl Doll, and Star Station. Andrew had the all "Cars" Christmas. He loves that movie and whatever goes with it. He has spent hours playing with all the diecast cars Angie got him. Matt is in love with his new IPod and I love my new laptop. But, I still have to purchase the Microsoft Office programs, so if anyone out there has some I can borrow please let me know.

For the second year we spend New Years Eve with the Peter & Eshler Families. We passed the time playing Wii and managed to stay awake till 1:00 AM.

Our resolutions:
Matt- not be lazy, exercise and eat better
Heather- be more green and learn Korean
Sydney- learn more about horses & read
Andrew- potty training (our resolution for him)

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drew said...

Heather, I can get MS Office for $20 through Bank of America. Let me know if you want me to do that for you.