Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holiday Season

The tree is gone and the lights & ornaments are stashed away. Boy, the holiday passed just as quickly as it came.

We stayed at my parents house on Christmas Eve and had the traditional appetizer dinner. Around 7:00 AM Christmas morning Sydney scurried from bedroom to bedroom waking everyone. Then flew down the stairs with mommy on her heels trying to catch her initial reaction. Now days, I would say that has to be my favorite part of Christmas. She didn't fail to come up with a great reaction. "Holy The Smokes" she exclaimed "Nuts and Berries look at all those presents". Who knows where she learned those phrases but it was priceless none the less.

The kids are overwhelmed by all their new toys. Andrew finally has some "boy" toys to play with. I asked Sydney what her favorite gift was, she replied "all of them". How diplomatic of her! FYI Santa did follow through with the scooter and Genevieve doll she requested. Andrew is currently favoring the train table and pirate ship.

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