Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hong Kong Buffet

A new Chinese restaurant opened in the Belden area called Hong Kong Buffet, so we decided to check it out. My expectations were not real high since most Chinese buffets I have been to were not good. But this time we were pleasantly surprised. It was clean, food was good and the service was excellent. I am not sure if that is their typical service or if Andrew had something to do with it. The waitresses buzzed around our table, tickling, waving and giggling at Andrew. Of course, he just soaks it up. What a flirt!!! I am not sure who was more fascinated; the waitresses with Andrew or Andrew with the waitresses. The chef even came out to greet the kids.

Andrew had a great time sampling all the different foods. We found out he likes zucchini, potsickers, General Tsao chicken, fried rice, cantaloupe, lo mein, pepper steak, and fortune cookies.

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