Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Happy Holidays!! We ventured to Mt. Dora this Christmas to share the holiday to Mom, Dad, Angie & David.

Santa delivered a Dip & Dot machine to Sydney and Mater Tall Tales DVD & Wii game for Andrew. I was very excited for them to open the Krazy Kar I found online. I had one growing up. Its sort of a cross between the Big Wheel & Sit and Spin. We played with that thing for years until the wheels were octagon shaped and full of gravel. They excitedly ripped open the "big present" and sulked with disappointment. It wasnt the trampoline they so desperately wanted. Andrew said "thats not what I wanted". My spirited were slightly dampened but no worries I will keep it all for myself.

We are headed to the park to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. Happy Holidays Everyone!

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