Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Coffee Fundraiser / Korea

I want to send a big thank you out to the handful of you who came out to Caribou and supported the coffee fundraiser we had last week. I really appreciate you fighting the blizzard to support a good cause. We raised a little over $200.00. That money will help orphans in Korea, China, Guatemala & Philippines who are still waiting for their forever families. We just finished building a new website so check it out sometime: www.FriendsOfAdoptiveFamilies.com

Half of the proceeds will be deposited in the Friends of Adoptive Families account and donated to our various causes this year. The other half is immediately going to purchase diapers, shampoo, lotion and Tylenol for Andrew's orphanage in Korea. The orphanage social worker, Mrs Lee specifically requested these items so I will deliver them personally next week. Matt & I leave for Korea on Sunday. Thats right! My parents are watching the kids while Matt and I, along with another escort, Michelle bring some little ones home to meet their forever families for the first time. How exciting. My last trip was awesome and I cannot wait for Matt to experience Korea.

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