Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Andrew's First Tribe Game

The whole family headed out to the ballpark for Andrew's first MLB game. The Cleveland Indians vs. Detroit Tigers. Our seats were out in near center field but that didn't really matter since none of us really got to watch much of the game.

Sydney placed her overpriced pizza down on the chair then stood up sending her pizza down onto ground as the chair folded up. She then burst in to tears, sending Matt back to the concession stand. Andrew was busy down the aisle discovering all the abandon bits of food on the ground. While I dealt with him Sydney was delivered her new pizza. Which she almost lost again if the man next to us didn't catch it as it descended towards the ground.

Once all dinner was out of the way we did enjoy a few innings. Andrew was clapping, dancing and flirting with the ladies behind us. Sydney kept her hands over her ears most of the time, she didnt like roar of the crowd and fireworks that went off after a homerun. Once she started bugging Matt for Dip n Dots it was time to hit the road.

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