Saturday, April 06, 2013


Tunis, Tunisia would be our family’s first visit to an Arabic country.  Tunisia is in the southern Mediterranean on the continent of Africa.  This would also be Matt & the kid’s first visit to the continent of Africa.

Unfortunately, there had been recent civil unrest in the capitol of Tunis.  Many economic protests and protesters setting themselves on fire. 

We ventured into the small market place near our ship.  The kids spotted the camels right away and the high pressure, no questions asked sales tactics had them both up on top of the camel in seconds.  In the end it turned out fine since we were the first riders of the day they got an extra-long ride so the other passengers could get a good look.  Sydney of course loved her camel, Ali Baba and would take him home if we could. 

We strolled through the market where more high pressure sales ensued.  We told the kids that here if you touch it that means you buy it.  Which did the trick; they kept their hands away from every trinket handed to them. 

Later that afternoon we returned to the market without the children and did some shopping and had a snack in a nice little café.  When we returned I showed Sydney a drum I purchased for Andrew and she asked “who touched it”, remembering my earlier warning. 

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