Thursday, April 04, 2013


After much planning we decided to take this kids on whirlwind trip of Europe for Spring Break.  We have been planning planning this trip for many months now and Matt has established an Amazing Race style of itinerary. :) 
After a relatively short fight we arrived in London about 5:30 AM.  We dropped off our bags at our hotel and headed out on the town.  We hopped aboard The Tube our first stop was Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster Abby.  The wind was wickedly cold which made photo ops extra challenging. 

Sydney was jazzed about our next scheduled stop, The Royal Muse.  This is royal stables of the queen which houses the carriages, tack and horses for the changing of the guard and special events.  We arrived shortly before 11 am so many of the horses were out preparing for the next guard changing but we did get to see several horses being worked in the training arena which Sydney & I very much enjoyed. 

A very frigid changing of the guard ceremony was next on our agenda.  The kids were begging us to skip the event in exchange for the comforts & warmth of the hotel.  The hundreds of people crowding about were not leading themselves to seeing much anyway.  Too bad they didn’t provide much shelter from the wind either. 

After lunch which Andrew opted to sleep through.  The 3 hours of sleep the night before just wasn’t enough for him. J  We headed over to the London Eye.  It’s quite a spectacular structure and provides wonderful views.

I personally love all the old architecture of London and Europe in general.  That is just something we don’t have in the US.  We don’t take the time & money to create these ornate structures and whenever something is 70 + years old we want to tear it down and create something new. 

My favorite remark of the day was Andrew....  Dollars are called pounds and coins are centimeters.


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