Monday, June 25, 2012

A Youngling Was Born

This was a banner week for us. Andrew finally agreed to watch Star Wars for the very first time! You see, we have been gently working on him to watch it with us for quite some time.

We exposed him to a few Star Wars books, the Star Tours ride and the Legos, of course.  So, I thought he would be jazzed about watching the movies but no; he turned down our offer time and time again.

But last week, I was telling him about the Jedi Training Center at Walt Disney World.  We will be traveling there later in the summer perhaps he might want to take part?????

A spark!!!!! 

During our weekly visit to the library Andrew made his way to the Star Wars section.  Despite my explanation that the series starts with Episode IV Andrew insisted we start with Episode I.  I was too excited to argue.  Watching Star Wars with your child is rite of passage, isn’t it?  An opportunity to bridge the gap between our generations?   OK…too extreme?  Maybe so … maybe not?

It has been many a year since I last saw it and had forgotten some details.  Nevertheless, Matt and I enjoyed every minute of it; answering his barrage of questions along the way.  So, in three days we have watched three episodes.  Lucky for Andrew he doesn’t have to wait 28 years to see the next one.

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