Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day Of School

Another school year has begun! We are very pleased that Sydney & Andrew will both attend Northwood Elementary. Unfortunately, if the school board proceeds with proposed changes this will be the last time they are together until Sydney is a senior in high school.

Andrew was siked to have Mrs Melert for a teacher. At orientation he quickly snatched up a front row seat next to BFF, Claire. Both Andrew & Claire have been visiting Mrs Melert's classroom regularly since their siblings were 1st graders in her class.

As predicted, Sydney was much more reserved. She was apprehensive about her teacher, classmates and leaving mom & dad. But that is all normal for her. She was excited about her new outfit, school supplies and the new schedule change placing recess before lunch. She also decided it would be a nice gesture to give her new teacher a gift and picked out some colorful Sharpie markers for her. I think they were well received as she already received a thank you note. :)

Now with both kids in school all day what am I going to do with myself? Today I hit the gym, cleaned the house and ran some errands. I wonder what tomorrow might bring?

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