Sunday, June 26, 2011

After my last post I decided I couldn’t end without also giving all of you (my blog readers) the human face of CP. Here are just a few faces of Living Tree………

This little guy quickly melted my heart. Jing Wa was abandon in a cardboard box at a mear 2 pounds. He is now 4 years old and struggles with both CP & CF. He always sounds like he is breathing through a water filled snorkel but the therapy ball really seems to help.

This amazing young man is David. He is one of Tina's many success stories. David has tremendous drive and has learned to walk with the assistance of the walker. He also attends school in Beijing 5 days a week and now speaks fluent English.

Mom had her favorite too! A sweet young lady named Yu Fong. She had beautiful eyes and the longest eyelashes.

This young man also struggles with CP and moved to Living Tree from a state run orphanage. While there he was placed in scalding water by another patient. With burns from the waist down he needed the additional care Living Tree could provide.

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