Friday, April 29, 2011

Farewell Korea

Home again and still recovering from our journey. Everyones internal clock is a bit out of whack and the kids have been wandering down to our room around midnight unable to fall asleep. But it was all worth it. Matt and I were just discussing last night how great the kids did throughout the trip. We really asked a lot of them this past week; a 15 hour flight, hundreds of subway stairs, miles of walking, different food, language barriers, ect ect. But they were troopers and this experience has really opened the door to so many more destinations we once thought too difficult for them. Hummmmm... I wonder....... Reflecting back I have so many favorite moments. At the top was Andrew at KSS. I want to send a huge thank you to KSS & FAC for allowing us to visit and making it possible for Andrew to meet Mrs Lee.

I loved watching Sydney blossom into a little shopper. She wasn't quite ready to negotiate pricing but she was more willing to spend hours shopping than ever before. Grandma Franny will be so proud. She was also fascinated by the subway; everything from reloading her transit card, reading the signage and counting the # of stops.

Andrew says he liked Namdaemun Market the best because they had Angry Bird shirts there.

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