Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year we shared our Halloween traditions with Cheng Cheng a Kent State student from China. We volunteered as a host family through their International Department. They match up international students with local families to help students learn about American family life. Cheng is a graduate student in Kent's Liquid Crystal Institute. Although he speaks excellent English, this is his first time traveling outside China & has been living on campus since August.

We decided a visit to Kingsway Pumpkin Farm would be pretty "Americana". Hayrides, corn maze, pumpkin picking, and hot chocolate were all new experiences for Cheng. We all had a great time then headed home to carve our pumpkins.

Although many of our caving tools broke we still created some great pumpkins and Cheng did an excellent job for his first time. Afterwards we had a delicious Italian dinner & Matt and Cheng went to the Cavs game.

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Drew said...

Heather and Matt, your philanthropic ways make all of us look bad! Kudos to you.