Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Gifts

This year in lieu of birthday gifts, the kids asked their party guests to bring items for the Stark County Humane Society. Thanks to everyone's generosity we delivered a car full of pet supplies today.

5 Bags Of Dog Food
2 Bags Of Cat Food
27 Cans Of Dog Food
31 Cans Of Cat Food
1 Dog Collar
8 Cat Toys
22 Dog Toys
2 Packages of Cat Treats
13 Packages of Dog Treats
2 Bags of Kitty Litter
4 Bleach
2 Paper Towel Rolls
1 Hose
6 Pet Food Bowls
1 Package of Cat Pan Liners
1 Dish Soap

We spent a few hours walking and playing with dozens of dogs and cats. I am not sure who was more excited the kids or the dogs. There are dozens of great animals of all ages, sizes and temperaments just waiting for adoption. Sydney was ready to take them all home and cried as we pulled away.

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