Friday, February 19, 2010

Somethings Fishy

Today we made our way to Noryanjin Fish Market. We learned of this little jem when the Anthony Bourdain No Reservations show traveled to Korea. It took about 4 trains to get there but once the doors opened on the final train we knew we had arrived. The smell of fish permeates even the underground subway.
We did not arrive early enough to witness the auctioning but still got a good feel for the place. It’s a huge warehouse with hundreds of folks pedaling fresh seafood. And, I mean fresh. Every type of seafood imaginable, most still alive and butchered on the spot.

Our sense of smell must be in overdrive this week. For the most part Matt and I would both agree the entire country smells of kimchi. But the past two days our mouths have watered at the smell of cookies in the Samgakji Station. Today we finally tracked down the smell. It was a doughnut looking item with custard inside. Yummo!

This evening we craved some something familar so we went to "All American Burger".

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