Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Day

On our last full day in Seoul we headed off to the mall. The Coex Mall is the largest underground mall in Asia. Building underground is very common here. With a city population over 12 million they are running out of room above ground. But all in all it looked pretty much like any other American mall; it even had The Body Shop. We did spot a large crowd gathering around a TV. I wonder what they could be watching? Some major news story? Nope. Short track speed skating. There were dozens of people gathering to watch the South Korean skater take on Apolo Anton Ohno.

Just across the street from the mall is the Bongeunsa Buddhist temple, founded in 794 AD.

We also made a quick stop at Olympic Park, home of the 1988 Summer Olympic Games. Between walking the hilly terrain and thousands of subway steps we are convinced we have lots some weight this week. This must be how Koreans stay so thin. I am not sure what was more rare an overweight person or Caucasian one? On that note we hit my favorite restaurant, Paris Baguette for some yummy pastries.

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