Friday, June 05, 2009

Columbus Zoo

To celebrate the last day of school we took a mini vacation to Columbus. First stop, the Columbus Zoo. Their newest addition three month old Beco an Asian elephant was adorable but Matt & I loved the chimpanzees the best. Over and over a toddler chimp took great pleasure in annoying his parents till they were forced to pursue him. Even chimp parents put their kids in time out!

Thankfully, our little chimps were on their best behavior today making the day even more delightful.

Sydney's made friends with one of the animal educators who went backstage and brought out the two animals she requested. Myrtle the turtle and Lucky the bunny. How very exotic!

To my surprise, the kids also got daring and willing touched many animals they would have normally shyed away from: starfish, urchins, cockroaches, snakes, armadillo. Sydney even pet a bird, her most feared animal!

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