Thursday, November 27, 2008

Big Apple Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are spending the holiday at Matt's sister, Sera's in the lower east side of Manhattan. We drove in last night through the Holland Tunnel after an unscheduled tour of the New Jersey ghetto. The kids were wide eyed at the sight of all tall building in all their night time glory. Andrew was bewildered by all the traffic and asked if it was a parade.

But, the parade had to wait till this morning. About 4:00 AM Andrew popped up from bed and asked if it was parade time yet. Maybe we should have followed his lead but instead we got up at 5:30 AM and took the subway over to 75th & Central Park West. We arrived about 7:00 AM and were about 20 yards back from the sidewalk in a sea of humans from everywalk of life. We spent the next two hours elbow to elbow with new friends from the Bronx and Sydney, Australia. Just like clockwork at 9:00 AM the grand daddy of all them all; the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade kicked off with a crowd countdown. Although we could only see the floats & balloons it was still spectacular. Several seasoned watchers brought along buckets, ladders and scaffolding to see above the crowds. We ended up with the kids on our shoulders.

Sydney was thrilled to see the real life; Hannah Montana. While Andrew squealed with excitement over a Buzz Lightyear & the cast of Sesame Street. So, despite the long wait, insane crowds and holding the kids up for 2 1/2 hours I am glad we went. Thats one more crossed of my "bucket list".

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