Sunday, September 21, 2008

Got Crabs

Sydney has been begging us for another pet. She would prefer a horse or rabbit but we settled on hermit crabs. I had them as a kid and they are fairly low maintenance; which is perfect since no matter how much she says she will handle their care we all know that most of the work falls on Mom. So five crabbies joined our family about one month ago. Thankfully, they are all still alive and well despite Sydney's constant handling. After some online researching I found a gentleman in the Florida Keys who creates hermit cages just like the one my grandpa built for me. The crabs were happy to leave behind their makeshift house; the top to my Tupperware cake taker and climb the walls of their new breezy Florida style home. To spoil them even more, Grandma Pam shipped several pounds of beach sand up to us. These crabs are living the good life. Well, as good as it can get for a Caribbean Crab in Canton, Ohio.

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