Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation Wrap Up

After departing the Bradenton Beach area we headed north. Stopping off at Downtown Disney for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Then hit the Goofy Candy Shop where Sydney was selected as "Chef of the Day". Dressed in an apron & hat she got to select and decorate specialty treat. Disney staff really goes out of their way to make kids feel special. Syd chose the chocolate covered rice krispie. They announced her name and where she was from then brought over a tray of toppings for her to chose from.

Soon we were back on the road headed north of Atlanta to meet up with my cousin Natalie. She also has a daughter named Sydnee who is only a couple weeks older than our Sydney. We get together a couple times a year and the girls have a great time. This time we rented a cabin together in the mountains of Helen, GA a German village along the Chatahoochie River. The highlight was "Tubin the Hooch". For $3.00 you get a hot pink inter tube and a bus ride up the mountain. Then you take a 3 hour float back to town down the Chatahoochie River. I wish I had pictures but I didnt want to risk waterlogging my camera. Our four tubes were tethered together which caused us to get hung up on rocks & beaver dams, but we had a great time and workout. Sydney was very tentative as usual. Andrew was so comfortable he slept for about 45 minutes.

Wow! boy has Andrew's swimming skills improved during our vacation. He was a fish before and now he's a dolphin. He went from swimming assisted to swimming alone across the pool. He was so excited to show off for his swim teacher today.

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