Thursday, July 31, 2008

Andrew's ENT Visit

We had our appointment with Ear Nose & Throat Specialist, Dr Milo today. He was very personable. Andrew opened right up when Dr Milo said he needed to look for Mater in his ears and Lighting McQueen in his nose. He knew exactly what three year old boys like. When Andrew opened up his mouth Dr Milo exclaimed "Holy tonsils Batman". Those need to come out. On the same 1-4 scale the pulmonologist used Andrew's are now a four. The doctor compared their size & consistency to meatballs. No wonder he is having trouble breathing & swallowing food.

We also lucked out and Andrew had one of his many nose bleeds while we were there. So while Andrew is under anesthesia Dr Milo will also cauterize some of the blood vessels in his nose to help prevent those.

Andrew is booked for surgery at Akron Children's Hospital on August 22nd.

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