Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sleep Study - Part 2

Andrew checked into Akron Children's Hospital last night for his sleep study. He looked so cute waddling down the hall in his pajamas, bear hugging his pillow. Nurse Mona took us to his private room and started setting up all the equipment. Andrew sat very quietly watching his Winnie the Pooh movie. It took about 45 minutes to get all the wire, monitors and sensors attached. In all I counted about 30. As always, Andrew was a perfect patient.

Once Mona was finished she turned out the light and we finished watching the movie. Afterwards, I kept with our bedtime rituals and read 2 stories, gave him a small drink of water and kissed him goodnight. Unlike home, I was not able to leave the room so I laid down over on the sleeper chair they provided. About 20 minutes went by, I thought for sure he fell asleep and we were home free. But, no. In the darkness a little voice called out, Mommy? "Yes" I replied. His voice crackled, "I want to go home". Poor thing was terrified. I reassured him I would be right here the whole time. Nevertheless, he was uncomfortable with all the wires, in a strange place and his toe sensor glowed red like E.T. so he was totally obsessed with it. For hours he fought sleep. I tried holding him, sleeping with him, leaving him alone, back rubs, everything! Finally close to midnight he gave in.

Around 5:30 AM Mona woke us up, they were all done. Unfortunately, Andrew didn't give them much to work with. After all that hard work, Andrew didn't do much snoring or other sleep apnea signals. AHHHHH!!!! If only they could come home with us or ride along while Andrew sleeps in the car seat. They could gather a ton of data. Ugh!

So now we wait. The doctors will review the info they gathered and call us sometime in the next week.

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