Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holiday Visit To Florida

We flew down to Florida this past weekend to visit Matt's mom & grandparents. Sydney made friends with our pilot on the escalator ride so he invited her up to the cockpit.
Despite the forced smile in the picture she had a great time. Captain Hans let her sit in the drivers seat & take the wheel. She was tickled pink!

We flew into an 80 degree Tampa Airport. A nice change from our 20 degrees and snowing. Picked up our $9.00 a day rental car, what a great rate, and headed off to Anna Marie Island to visit the Browning's. As always they were happy to have the company.

Pam took Sydney to her school with her the following morning. She joined Mrs. Bird's kindergarten class for the day. She had a great time! She was fascinated by the sand & sea shells on the playground. She is used to the gravel & mulch here in Ohio. By lunch she made so many new friends she opted to sit with them rather than eat with Grandma Pam.

We wrapped up our weekend with a visit to the South Florida Museum where we saw Snooty, the world's oldest manatee. He is 59 and quite sweet.

Then celebrated an early Christmas with dinner & gifts. Andrew loved all his Cars items & Sydney was relieved to receive the American Girl Doll named Ivy. Pam even got both her AG Dolls matching Ohio State cheerleading uniforms.

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