Saturday, June 09, 2007

FAC Picnic

Our morning started with a mini rescue mission. My dad was outside last night when he smelled smoke and then noticed his neighbors house was on fire. Apparently it was struck by lightning in the storm. They are out of town so he ran in to see what he could do but it was too involved so he called for my mom to dial 911. Soon the Jackson Fire Dept was busting out windows and tearing down walls. Poor Alexandra lost her bed & bathroom all its contents. My dad called their cell and delivered the bad news. With all the fire, water & smoke damage they will be out for several weeks. This morning all of us went over to rescue what we could from their refrigerators since they will not have power for at least three days.

Now smelling of smoke we headed off to the Family Adoption Consultants annual international picnic. Its a chance for all of the families who have used their services to bring children home from Korea, China, Guatemala & Philippines to get together. Andrew met up with his foster sister Rachel while Sydney enjoyed the Chinese Ribbon Dance demonstration.

I had the opportunity to see Kate & Aaron which are two of the four babies we brought home in April. They are both adjusting nicely to their new families. It is amazing how resilient children are. You would never know they had been through so much only a month earlier.

After our full day we headed home and enjoyed a bonfire smores roast at our new neighbors house. Everyone has been so friendly and the kids are having a great time with all their new friends.

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